Be the first to offer the latest STEAM technology in your area!

Tired of competing against manufacturers, other distributors in your area and online resellers?

In addition to the unique and quality products, which will help your business grow, we offer our distributors what is rarity these days – Loyalty.

Join our team to offer the latest eco-friendly steam technology that will save your customers money and headaches.

What we offer:

  • Unique and high-quality products
  • Incoming leads
  • Territory (geographical or industry-wise) protection
  • MAP enforcement
  • Marketing assistance and trade show reimbursement
  • Prompt part supply
  • Technical training

Successful distributors have:

  • Experience in equipment sales and service
  • Showroom to display products and conduct product demonstrations
  • Warehouse to stock adequate inventory
  • Dedicated sales and technical service staff
  • Drive to pioneer a new market
  • Team player mentality: desire to work with (not against) distributors in other territories

If you believe your company has what it takes to become a successful distributor, please contact us at (310)327-8900 today!