Steam-Rated Extractor Vacuum Hose, 10 foot (3m)

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Steam-Rated Extractor Vacuum Hose, 10 foot (3m)

10-foot (3m*) High-heat, steam-safe extractor vacuum hose for use with Optima Steamer and your hot-water extractor.


Upgrade your current hot-water extractor to be able to work with the Optima Steamer. Typical shop-vacs and non-heated extractors do not have vacuum hoses rated to handle the extreme temperatures created by steam. The 10-foot (3m*) Steam-Rated Extractor Vacuum Hose has been tested to withstand the high temps put out by the Optima Steamer, pairing our Steam Hand Tool (STM-A71605) with your steam-safe extractor**.

*Steamericas accessories are based on metric measurements. All imperial measurement on parts and accessories are approximate.

**Be sure to check whether your extractor is capable of working with dry vapor steam as not all water extractors are built to handle the temperatures of steam or even steam vapor. Using the Optima Steamer with vacuums, wet/dry vacuums or extractors not heat-resistant may damage or destroy your equipment. If you are not 100% certain, do not use with the Optima Steamer.