Pneumatic Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool for 24-inch Belts


Pneumatically driven by an air compressor*, this oscillating conveyor belt cleaning tool mounts on the belt to clean and sanitize in place. The moving steam head is fully adjustable to deliver the full power of the the steam jet to entire surface of the belt, maximizing the cleaning and sanitizing power for belts up to 1.5 meters (60in) wide.




Dry steam reaches temperatures well above 212°F, water’s boiling point and what makes it a gas. Hot water from your pressure washer or plant steam from your in house boiler only creates diffused water particles or mist (wet steam), and the output is typically below 180°F.

Steam temperature can be modified at the cleaning point by adjusting the nozzle distance to avoid compromising the belt material.

Waste Water / Run-Off

Dry steam is a gas and has far fewer water molecules, producing little to NO wastewater. Hot water and in-house boiler steam leads to runoff and requires drainage which is bad for cleaning and sanitation. Steam is ideal for dry facilities, plants without drains and facilities that are looking to evolve their sanitation methods to CIP and SIP.

Surface Penetration

Dry steam, being gas, can penetrate surfaces quicker and further — delivering sanitizing temperatures hard-to-reach harborage sites faster. Hot water and wet steam take time to penetrate into surfaces and cannot transfer heat to surfaces unless in direct contact. 3rd party pathogen lab testing results available for validation purposes.

Required Steamer OPTIMA XE 27K, SEII 27K/42K
Required Steam Pressure 5~7 bar
Required Compressed Air Air Compressor, 14.4 CFM @8 bar
Working Pressure 73~116 psi (5~8 bar)
Working Speed 5.9~39.4 inch/s (150~1,000 mm/s)
Recommended Belt non-flat open surface type (plastic modular, metal wire, rollers)
Material Aluminium, Stainless
Air Inlet Standard air quick plug
Part Number 85-50201 85-50200
Cleaning Width, Max. 24” / 610mm 48” / 1,220mm
Cleaning Width, Min. 4” / 100mm 4” / 100mm
Mounting Width, Max. 38.1” / 970mm 62.2” / 1,580mm
Mounting Width, Min. 11.8” / 300mm 11.8” / 300mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1320 X 160 X 730mm 1930 X 160 X 730mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) “ 51.97” X 6.3” X 28.75” 75.99” X 6.3” X 28.75”
Weight, lbs (kg) 26.5 (12 kg) 32 (14.5 kg)

The Pneumatic Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool is recommended for open belt types (wired, modular/interlinked) and is best used with 10m Power hose part number 70039. For closed flat belts, we recommend Conveyor Belt Cleaning Nozzle with Suction.
* (In addition to a dry steam generator that can produce consistent steam pressure specified above) in order to use this conveyor tool, compressed air from separate source is required. See above for the air specs.

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 33 × 11 in
Country of Origin

Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Dimensions (as shipped)

81 x 34 x 12 in, 66 lbs


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