Extractor Hand Tool for Steam

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Extractor Hand Tool for Steam

Take your high-heat rated* extractor to the next level by using it with dry vapor steam from an Optima Steamer.

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If you already own a hot-water extractor*, then you absolutely need to try pairing it with the Optima Steamer. Because most equipment found on extractors isn’t rated for the temperatures created by steam, this extractor handle tool has been custom designed with heavy-duty valves and fittings safe for use with the Optima Steamer and is ready to connect to your Steam Hose and extractor vacuum. Steamericas recommends using a Power Steam Hose when coupling with an extractor to get the best results and increasing the moisture output. Steam will not only have faster drying times than a standard extractor, it will also eliminate mold and bacteria found deep inside cushions and upholstery. With steam extraction, you’ll eliminate the need for pre-treatment and get better results with no smell.

*Make sure your extractor is safe for use with steam and consider purchasing one of our Steam-rated Vacuum Hoses (SKU 71204) if yours isn’t explicitly rated for temps of 300 degrees Fahrenheit plus. Always be sure to first test how steam reacts to materials and surfaces in an inconspicuous area before cleaning. You can control the heat by steaming at a distance and moving closer.

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Weight 2.125 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 5 in


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