Weeding Nozzle

Weeding Nozzle

This stainless steel dome and nozzle is designed for eliminating weeds using nothing more than steam.


Eradicate weeds using nothing but steam. This stainless steel dome and spray nozzle injects steam into the root of weeds, delivering a concentrated dose of high temp moisture that begins killing plants immediately, all without the use of toxic herbicides. In a matter of days, the targeted plants will wilt and die, killed from the roots so the plant won’t continue to regrow*.

*Neither SJE nor Steamericas specializes in plant and weed control. This tool is designed to help users experiment with an environmentally-safe alternative to chemicals, but makes no claims on the overall efficacy of using steam. Our tests showed that targeted plants were dead in 3 days after 30 seconds of exposure. This tool and these results are meant to get you started on testing your own results.

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