Car Detailing

Steam for Car Detailers

Offer Chemical-Free Detailing While Cleaning the ENTIRE Vehicle with One Powerful Tool

Your Customers want perfection. The Optima Steamer delivers.

Industry Leading Steam

The Optima Steamer is the gold-standard when it comes to dry steam for detailing and mobile car cleaning. It is the most powerful, driest, highest quality steamer in its class. It’s being used by detailing professionals around the world for interior cleaning, upholstery, floor mats, engine cleaning, wheels, and even for no runoff exterior car wash. With over 14 years of being an industry leader, the Optima XD offers the best of all features without gimmicks or sacrificing performance. The Optima XD will become your go-to cleaning tool and will open doors to new revenue streams.

Perfectly Optimized

The Optima produces drier steam and at the optimal pressure for cleaning the delicate surfaces of a car’s interior. Steam will remove grime, grease and dirt without chemicals, and leave the surface dry and cool to the touch. The Optima’s steam will rejuvenate and deodorize fabrics and upholstery with almost no need for extraction. It is a miracle worker with cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies—like door jambs, seams, cupholders, vents blades, etc. Floor mats are brought back to life in seconds—eliminating the need for shampooing, extraction and drying.

Do more. Offer more.

With the continuous, powerful steam output of the Optima, you can clean engines, wheels, and even replace your pressure washer for doing the exterior. And because the steam kills molds, bacteria and viruses, you can offer your customer more than a cleaner looking car–it will be sanitized as well. Dry steam also means that you’ll removing odors without using perfumes and deodorizing chemicals. Offer your customers a truly clean car, from bumper to bumper, inside and out.

Save Time. Save Money.

The Optima Steamer’s unique design and efficient heating system produces steam faster than any other steamer and is capable of running continuously for 2+ operators with no loss in pressure. This means you’ll be started in minutes and never waiting for pressure to regenerate, even cleaning the exterior and interior simultaneously. The large onboard tanks will hold more than enough water and fuel for multiple jobs, which means you won’t be stopping to refill. The Optima Steamer will become the main tool you use to clean the whole car, saving you time by eliminating the need to lug around more equipment and be constantly switching tools. And the Optima will save you money–reducing your need for chemicals.

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