Optima Steamer™ EST

The All-Electric Optima Bringing Dry Steam to Your In-House Operation



Harness the cleaning power of steam with the best-selling electrical-powered Optima Steamer™ EST. The “Original Optima Steamer”, the EST features a durable body design, energy-efficient steam vessel, wet or dry steam selection, smart control system and easy maintenance.

And because the EST is a solely electric-powered it is ideally suited for indoor cleaning and sanitizing applications such as:

  • Commercial facilities cleaning
  • Animal holding facility sanitization
  • Painting or coating pre-treatment
  • Hospital fixtures and mobility aid sanitization
The Optima Steamer is CSA CertifiedThe Optima Steamer is CE CertifiedThe Optima Steamer is INMETRO Certified


Powerful electric performance

Powerful Perfomance

Optima’s high efficient heating system provides continuous rich and powerful steam during your work.

Smart control system

Smart Control System

Artificial intelligence enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine.

Multi-stage safety devices

Multi-stage Safety Devices

Automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water or fuel shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, abnormal flame detection and overtime pump running.

Optima Steamer EST internal components

Easy Maintenance

Optima’s advanced structure which was designed by professional engineers of heat exchanger and pressure vessel industries provides you easy maintenance and good durability.

Steam control detail

Dry & Wet Steam

The automatic water filling feature no longer requires you to manually refill the water when a water supply source is available on your site.

DMF convenience


Automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water or fuel shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, abnormal flame detection and overtime pump running.

Sanitize without chemicals

Sanitizing without Chemicals

The “superheated steam” produced by the Optima Steamer sanitizes and eliminates hazardous food-borne bacteria.

Reduce your costs and protect the Earth

Reduce your costs,
Protect the Earth

Using the Optima Steamer for business requires fewer or no permissions thanks to its advantage of low water consumption and wastewater-free

Exterior Details

Optima Steamer EST, front
Optima Steamer EST, rear

Included Accessories

Standard Steam Nozzle, 3.5mm, Quick-Connect, A70026

Standard Steam Nozzle, 3.5mm, Quick-Connect
(SKU: A70026)

“Quiet” Steam Nozzle (aka “Silencer”), Quick-Connect, A71607

“Quiet” Steam Nozzle (aka “Silencer”),  3.5mm, Quick-Connect
(SKU: A71607)

Standard Steam Gun, A70015

Standard Steam Gun with 3.5mm Steam Nozzle
(SKU: A70015)

Optima Steamer steam gun A70274

Quick-Connect Steam Gun
(SKU: A70274)

A70030, set of hoses

Two Premium Steam Hoses, 33-feet (10m), Blue
(SKU: A70030)







Heating source Diesel Burner Electric Heater
Voltage options 100-240V 3-phase, 208-600V 3-phase, 380-600V
Power consumption 0.3kW 12.2kW 18.2kW 27.2kW
Steam pressure 8.5 bar (124 psi)   [Max. 9.5 bar (138 psi)]
Spraying temperature 275°F (135°C)
Boiler temperature 352°F (178°C) 345°F (174°C)
Flow rate 0.08-0.31 gal/min
(300~1,200 cc/min)
0.08-0.16 gal/min
(300~600 cc/min)
0.08-0.24 gal/min
(300~900 cc/min)
0.08-0.31 gal/min
(300~1,200 cc/min)
Preheating time 3 minutes 8-10 minutes 6-7 minutes
Fuel consumption Avg 0.26-0.5 gal/hr
(1-2 L/hr)[Max. 1.1 gal/hr
(4.1 L/hr)]
Fuel tank capacity 5.3 gal (20 L) N/A
Water tank capacity 5.3 gal (20 L) 10.6 gal (40 L)
Boiler material 304 Stainless Steel
Pipe materials Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Teflon
Body, frame materials Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Steel (SS400)
Net weight 189 lbs (86 kg) 163 lbs (74 kg) 183 lbs (83 kg)
Unit dimensions 27.5″ W x 42.9″ L x 35.4″ H   (70cm W x 109cm L x 90cm H)
Colors available Red, Blue, Green Green
Hose/gun sets included 2 1 2