Determining Your Power Source

If you are choosing an electric steam machine to purchase, power source availability in your facility can be a deciding factor. Our single phase steamers run on 110/120V. Most, but not all, of our industrial steam machines require 3-phase power on 208V, 230V, 480V or 600V.

If you are unsure about your current power source, you should consult a professional electrician to answer the following questions:

  • Do I have 3-phase power?
  • In what voltage is the power available?
  • What is the “dedicated” amperage (AMP) available for machine use only?

If you run a mobile operation and have limited access to different power sources, consider the Optima Steamer DMF – our best-selling combination diesel/electric steamer. This model only requires a standard 110/120V power and draws around 3 AMP.

Power Requirements per Model

    Diesel Units, Single Phase All-Electric Units, Three Phase (3ph)
Model watts, max. 115V (110V~120V) 208V 230V 480V 600V*
DMF / XD 350 3~4 amps        
12K (EST / XE) 12,200   34~38 amps 31~35 amps    
18K (EST / XE / SE-II) 18,200   51~57 amps 46~51 amps 22~25 amps 18~20 amps
27K (EST / XE / SE-II) 27,200       33~37 amps 27~30 amps
42K (SE-II only) 42,200       51~57 amps 41~46 amps
  • Amperage = watts ÷ (√phase × voltage)
  • IMPORTANT: Electrical components support a voltage variance of ±10%, but SJE recommends no more than ±5% to preserve the life of the heaters.
  • * Indicates special order item for Steamericas