We have gathered videos that we hope will demonstrate the power and versatility of the Optima Steamer. From cleaning cars, boats, and RVs to commercial cleaning to sanitizing equipment in a winery, the Optima Steamer does it all. See for yourself!

optima xe in new york

Product Demo Playlist

Using the latest in equipment technology – coupled with the unrivalled strength and purity of steam – the Optima Steamer™ can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odors and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces without chemicals and without creating waste water runoff.
Mobile car wash operator steam cleaning the exterior of a black sports car using the Optima XD Steamer

Automotive Playlist

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapor to clean a car’s exterior and interior. Steamericas is leading the way by introducing the first commercial grade steam cleaner specifically tailored for washing cars! Our Optima Steamer™ DMF allows car cleaners and detailers to take their business on the road. This convenient all-in-one systems allows the customer to wash and detail anywhere and everywhere with little to no waste water.


Food and Beverage Playlist

True dry steam is in the form of vapor, which travels much faster than liquid water and can reach harborage sites like nooks and crannies. The Optima Steamer™ is ideal for the wine industry, making cleaning operations throughout the facility simple and most effective. The Optima Steamer can steam clean and sanitize meat, dairy, produce processing and packaging facilities, conveyor belts, equipment and winery bottling line and barrel sanitation, killing yeast, brettanomyces (brett), bacteria, listeria, e-coli and salmonella.

Contigo Pro Plus steamer cleaning stainless steel drain in commercial kitchen with polyester brush attachment

Commercial and Janitorial Playlist

Steamericas’ commercial steamers allow you to clean almost anything, almost anywhere. Our dry vapor steamers offer the most ecologically friendly effective method of cleaning today. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, vapor-steam is ideal because many locations are unequipped to deal with excessive waste water, abundances of chemicals, and the downtime that is experienced as a result. Use the Optima Steamer to remove graffiti, eliminate infestation, mold and gum removal, remove stains from surfaces all while deodorizing and sanitizing.

Fleet of large vehicles

Dealership and Fleet Playlist

Save man hours by reducing dealership and fleet vehicle cleaning to just one device that does it all! The Optima Steamer eliminates the need for chemicals and provides an effective sanitizing clean for the entire vehicle inside and out. With no waste water or overspray, you may effectively clean an entire vehicle right where it rests at your dealership! The Optima Steamer can eliminate your need for a pressure washer, injector/extractor, waste-water reclamation mat, buckets, wash mitts and an air compressor.


Accessories Playlist

The Optima Steamer™ has many available accessories including steam guns, hoses, nozzles, lance attachments, squeegee, turbo twister, floor spinner and more.

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Steamericas, Inc. specializes in eco-friendly cleaning equipment and we are best known for the Optima Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaning Machine. We are the official US wing of the Optima Steamer’s manufacturer, SJE Corporation, and supply all of North, South, and Central America. The Optima Steamer is the WORLD-leader in delivering continuous, high-heat, low-moisture (dry) steam and we’re bringing it’s power and efficiency to all of the Americas. There are many steamers out there, and many claim to be able to compete, but once you see the Optima Steamer in action you’ll see there is no competition. “Less Water, Better Results”