Show Special: Free* “Original” Barrel Tool ($1000 value)

Steamericas has been leading the way in the area of barrel sanitation, in both the wine and beer industries. This year, we are offering the exclusive show special for a free “Original” Barrel Steam Tool with the purchase of any new Optima Steamer machine. To qualify, simply scan your badge or drop off your business card at our show booth during any of the events below. Claim your show special by submitting a copy of your invoice with the machine(s) serial number to Steamericas directly. It’s just that easy! Do not hesitate as this show special expires 30 days after the last day of the respective event.

The “Original” Barrel Steam Tool comes with a heavy-duty thermometer, an independent steam shut off valve, a custom made silicone bung with vented grooves and a sturdy heavy base to make sure that a tight, pressurized seal is created. Click here to see the tool in action.

Feel free to stop by and catch the “Original” Barrel Wand Tool in action at one of the following shows in the coming months:

Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium (Hotsy Carlson Booth)
Horseshoe Bay, Texas
January 8-9th, 2019

VINCO Colorado Wine Trade show 2019 (H2O Power Equipment Booth)
Grand Junction, Colorado
January 13-16th, 2019

Unified Symposium (Booth#1905, Steamericas, Inc.)
Sacramento, California
January 30-31st, 2019

Oregon Wine Symposium (Booth# 252, Carson American Equipment)
Portland, Oregon
February 12-13th, 2019

Washington Wine Growers and Convention Trade Show (Booth #40, Columbia Basin Hotsy)
Kennewick, Washington
February 12-13th, 2019

WiVi Central Coast Conference and Tradeshow (Booth #802, Green Rubber Kennedy)
Paso Robles,California
March 13, 2019

Craft Brewers Conference (Booth #10109, Steamericas, Inc.)
Denver, Colorado
April 9-11th, 2019