Wet Steam, Done Right

After extensive testing and improvements, the CMF is joining the Optima product line. What sets the Optima CMF apart from other Optima models is that it uses a steel coil to generate steam, allowing for a much higher output with wetter steam. While not the only coil-style steamer on the market, the CMF pairs the benefits of a coil steam system with the power, reliability and efficiency of the Optima Steamer product line.

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Who the CMF is Right for

Wetter steam holds heat longer and can penetrate soil deeper, ideal for killing the roots of unwanted vegetation. The CMF was first designed to meet chemical-free weed control needs in Europe, Canada and Asia where atrazine (cancer-causing herbicide) has been banned for years. Thermal weed removal using steam is becoming more popular with the organic farming and other situations involving potable water in the United States as well.

Unsaturated steam at low psi and low volume means far less water and pressure than a pressure washer. You can safely tackle intricate and fragile coils with the Optima CMF. It has much more pushing power than the DMF or XD yet has similar benefits of using dry steam over a pressure washer and chemicals. With the Optima CMF, you can lengthen the lifetime of coils thanks to its chemical-free cleaning capability. In addition, chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing is ideal for those who are sensitive to breathing air and prefer eco-friendly solutions. People are sensitive to chemical residue in the air, so facilities and contractors are looking for an eco-friendly solution.

Save money and water cleaning your fleet with the Optima CMF rather than a pressure washer. The wet steam can clean vehicle exteriors faster than the dry steam from the XD and DMF, but will use a fraction of water than a pressure washer and save you chemical costs.

Tar, grease, dirt, and debris will easily be blast off of equipment with the high temperature steam, all while reducing waste water. If the wet steam setting on the XD was still too dry for the job, the CMF will definitely deliver.

Many wineries, breweries and distilleries are already using electric steamers to sanitize and rehydrate barrels, but electric steamers require high voltage 3 phase power. Operations without sufficient power can now take advantage of the Optima Steamer by using the CMF. It runs on diesel or kerosene (intermittent clear exhaust) and is able to support two barrel wand tools at the same time.

If the Optima Steamer is “too dry”, or if speed is more important than zero run-off, or if your hot pressure washer isn’t hot enough or is spitting out too much water, check out the Optima CMF today.

Video: CMF versus XD

Watch this video comparing the steam jet and moisture content of the CMF to the XD.

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