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Revolutionizing Barrel Cleaning. Last year, Steamericas brought in a new era of steam sanitation for the wine industry with its release of the Optima Steamer SE-II, delivering industry-leading power, quality and usability to professional wine and beverage businesses, packed with all the necessary features and safety requirements, but so much more. This year, we’re perfecting barrel sanitation with the release of an upgraded steam barrel cleaning tool.

We’re pleased to announce our newest tool—geared towards wineries, breweries or any other barrel-sanitation needs—with our new Expert Barrel Cleaning Tool.  This new and improved design takes everything great with our best-selling Barrel Cleaning Tool and adds features and improvements that will save time and insure efficacy with added safety.


In combination with the Pressure Release Valve, a sealed-bung creates the necessary pressure inside the barrel to allow the steam’s sanitizing temperatures to reach deeper into the staves’ pores, and much faster.

Equipped with a barrel cleaning-specific safety relief valve (or over-pressurization valve) to maximize the effective pressure in the barrel to clean deeper, but at a controlled, safe level.

The analog pressure gauge let’s operators know precisely what the barrel’s pressure is, further ensuring safety and accuracy.

Additionally, an analog thermometer displays the barrel’s ambient inner temperature. This let’s operators know when the ideal temperatures are reached and aids in precise sanitation conditions.

When cleaning is complete, this convenient valve allows for safe, controlled purging of the pressure inside the barrel. Once opened, the operator can easily remove the tool without fear of pressure blasting from out of the barrel.

Bacteria Lives Beneath the Surface. To combat brettanomyces, it is crucial to penetrate 2-5 mm beyond stave surfaces with temperatures above 80°C. Wood, however, is a poor conductor of heat and the natural pores in barrels makes them one of the hardest materials to thoroughly clean and sanitize. To push past the surface and penetrate the natural pores, adequate pressure is needed to kill bacterias that thrive deeper in the wood, potentially destroying the fruits of all you’ve worked for. But because pressure can be dangerous to your barrels’ integrity, existing steam cleaning barrel tools on the market don’t risk pressurization and vent the bung hole so excess steam escapes. That’s where Steamericas’ upgraded steam barrel tool is going to change the market.

Controlled Pressurization is the Key. Steamericas’ newest class of steam barrel cleaning tool seals the bung hole while also using a pressure release valve that allows for safe and controlled pressure. This drives the steam deeper into the wood’s surfaces and does it faster because excess steam isn’t venting from the bung. Built-up pressures above the target amount are safely and precisely released from the safety relief valve, maximizing the performance capabilities of your Optima Steamer.

Safety and Convenience. As with our standard barrel tool, there is an analog thermometer that displays the ambient, inner temperature of the barrel. In addition, this upgraded tool features a pressure gauge to ensure safety and give operators the confidence the tool is working as it should be. And when the job is complete, the purge valve allows for safely releasing the built-up pressure inside the barrel, making it easy to then remove the tool without any pressure pop.

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