The Optima Steamer™ SE-II for Food Processing Sanitation & Cleaning

Our powerful, user-friendly line of industrial dry-vapor steam machines will help you easily comply with regulatory codes and laws—such as FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), all while saving time, saving resources and saving money. Whether your needs are for spot cleaning, CIP/COP/SIP/SOP, or specifically conveyor belt cleaning and sanitation, the Optima Steamer™ is the right choice.

The Optima Steamer™ SE-II for Industrial Food Cleaning and Sanitation

Straight to the Point: The Optima’s Features and How Dry Steam is a GAME CHANGER

Quickly reach high temperatures

Quickly reach sanitizing,
high temperatures

Low pressure output, < 125 psi

Safe, low-pressure
output (<125 psi)

Proven efficacy on food pathogens

Proven efficacy on
food pathogens

Convert COP to CIP

Controlled cleaning:

Controlled cleaning - CIP, COP, SIP, SOP

Save time:
convert COP to CIP

Minimize waste water

Minimize waste water

Safety; no Hazmat training req.

Employee safety,
no Hazmat training req.

Reduce chemical usage

Reduce chemical usage,
sanitize with water

Organic, Kosher cleaning

Organic, Kosher cleaning

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

The OPTIMA STEAMER™ -vs- Hot Water/Wet Steam

Optima Automated Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool


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Another Game Changer:

The Optima Automated Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool

Automate the cleaning and sanitizing of conveyor belts with the Optima Automated Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool. Forget pricier, complicated computer-driven systems, this pneumatic-powered tool easily sets up and simply runs off compressed air. Combined with the power of the Optima Steamer™, your facility will be simplified and sanitized, reducing the need for painful COP/SOP efforts that cost production time and manpower, all the while using minimal water and requiring virtually no drainage or water collection.

The Optima Steamer™ In Action