Steam is the Superior Method of Cleaning Barrels. Period.

Dry, pressurized steam paired with our barrel tool penetrates wood’s surface and pores. Because of its gaseous properties, steam can reach ¼~½” into wood, which is where brettanomyces lives.

Steam’s temperature makes it a natural sanitizer. Steam’s saturated vapor is able to penetrate better than heat alone, making it ideal for delivering its high temperatures to difficult areas–areas most often impossible to reach using boiling water or chemicals. Amongst competitors, the Optima Steamer delivers steam at a higher pressure, which equates to higher temperatures.

You can use the Optima Steamer as a stand alone cleaning station to sanitize 2 barrels simultaneously. For larger facilities, Steamericas has partnered with Tom Beard to couple our unrivaled steam sanitation power into their famous automatic barrel washer line, cleaning 4 barrels at a time.

The Optima Steamer…

Excess/unwanted microorganisms can spoil your entire batch. While Brettanomyces, Zygosaccharomyces and Saccharomyces are known to be resistant to low pH, high alcohol and/or SO2, high temperatures delivered by dry steam can combat these spoilage microbes. Prevent VA (volatile acidity) and unwanted odors by using dry steam.

The Optima SE-II is designed to the highest international standards, including OSHA-approved (bearing ASME and NB stamps) and CSA-certified (Canadian-compliance) models, all with a sleek, self-contained design so that you can be rest assured your business and staff are safe operating an Optima Steamer.

The Optima Steamer uses a fraction of water creating high temperature steam to kill microbes. The lack of wastewater and the eliminated need for chemicals is eco-friendly and allows wineries to operate in compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Reach >200°F Inside Tanks in Record Time

While the use of water and chemicals fed through a pressure washer with rotating nozzles may suffice cleaning requirements, sanitizing internal surface of tanks (stainless steel, concrete and HDPE plastic) requires more science. Most microorganisms are eliminated when exposed to a certain temperature for a certain period of time. The fastest and most eco-friendly way to sanitize every nook of the surface is using wet heat, a.k.a. saturated steam. Unlike hot water or wet steam, saturated steam (a.k.a. dry steam), which is the gaseous form of water that carries heat, can travel around obstacles and reach areas that hot water in liquid form cannot. In a case study, the Optima Steamer SE 42kW was able to deliver 200°F temperature throughout a 6,000 gallon stainless steel tank within 40 minutes.** This is done chemical-free and uses only a few gallons of water.

**Time varies based on ambient temperature, tank material and thickness and steam hose size.

Restore and Sanitize Foeders

Foeders have similar cleaning challenges as barrels being wood. In addition, they are very large. Steam can restore and fill in the gaps between foedor staves and sanitize effectively and quickly.

Swell Barrels in MINUTES

Swelling, or rehydrating, barrels with dry steam is not a separate process from sanitizing them. You will simultaneously sanitize and swell barrels in just a few minutes and doing so with only about half of a gallon of water per barrel. Steam both penetrates wood pores and fill the gaps between staves.


High Temperature Bottling Line Sanitation

CIP is commonly used for steam. Bottling line equipment parts can be delicate and cannot be exposed to high psi or highly acidic chemical agents. Dry steam can deliver over 200F temperature throughout nozzles and pipes inside bottling lines with less time and water spent.

The Optima Steamer SE-II Industrial Dry Vapor Steam Generator

The most popular electric Optima Steamer amongst winemakers and brewmasters.
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The EXPERT Barrel Cleaning Tool

Allow the pressure to build and create a temperature gradient across the oak evenly.
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