*NEW* Optima XD & XE Models

The newest, most user-friendly Optima Steamers feature a redesigned, easy-access chassis, LCD info display, larger tanks and easy-to-spot stop button.

The ALL-NEW Optima Steamer™ XD, Diesel-Fired, Mobile Dry Vapor Steamer

Our newest diesel-powered steamer, the XD is ideal for mobile applications such as auto detailing, recreational equipment or sculpture cleaning and disaster recovery.

The ALL-NEW Optima Steamer™ XE, 3-Phase All-Electric Dry Vapor Steamer

The XE is our newest electric-powered steamer designed for use wherever hardwired power is available. Perfect for commercial facilities cleaning, nursing home or daycare center sanitization and cleanroom maintenance.

DMF & EST Models

The “Original Optima Steamer” features sturdy wheels, an efficient steam vessel, a large onboard water tank, long hoses and a selection of chassis colors.

The Optima Steamer™ DMF, Diesel-Fired, Mobile Dry Vapor Steamer

The classic DMF is a diesel-powered mobile solution perfect for jobs such as vehicle washing and detailing, solar panel cleaning and graffiti, gum or weed removal.

The Optima Steamer™ EST, 3-Phase All-Electric Dry Vapor Steamer

Designed for situations where hardwired power is available, the electric-powered EST is well suited for commercial and facilities cleaning, paint or coating pre-treatment and hospital fixtures and mobility aid sanitization.

SE-II Model

The newly redesigned Optima Steamer features commercial grade stainless steel, a user-friendly LCD screen and three steam outlets.

The ALL-NEW Optima Steamer™ SE-II, 3-Phase All-Electric Industrial Dry Vapor Steamer

Created for indoor use, the solely electrical-powered SE-II is the ideal solution for cleaning and sanitization of industrial kitchens, wineries or breweries and medical facilities with steam.